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I was certain that you must have been miming to Elvis himself, you were so accurate it was uncanny.
                          Head of Elvis' Belgian Fan Club
I have had the pleasure of working with Danny Owen on two separate occasions. Once when he was perfoming as Julio Iglesias in Puerto Rico, and once as Tom Jones at The Luxor Las Vegas. On both occasions he brought the house down. I have never had a client so excited and happy with a performance. On another note, Danny's professionalism is on a level that a booking agent can only dream about. His promptness, dependability and willingness to honour client's requests, no matter how last minute, make him a joy to work with.
                                    Scott Washburn,
         Executive Vice President of Baskow of Las Vegas
Danny is an artiste of exceptional talent and is recognised as one of the best impressionists in the business. This chameleon becomes so engrossed in the character that you really feel that it is the person he is impersonating rather than Danny you are watching.
                                   Geoff Brownhut
                         Major UK Event Organiser
I would like to introduce you to a Superstar and one of the most talented celebrity impersonators I have seen perform in the past few years. His name is Danny Owen, and he performs as Julio Iglesias, Tom Jones, Neil Diamond and the King himself... Elvis Presley. His appearance at The Imperial Palace in Las Vegas is still being talked about among agents in America. Having seen so many impersonators and look-alikes during the past twenty years, there are only a few who make me stop, stare and marvel over . When he performed, the whole audience did. Not only that he turned out to be a very gracious man.
                                 Bea Fogelman
                   Writer and Broadcaster, Las Vegas
After doing his Multi Tribute show for me at my venue KopyKatz in Palm Springs, all I can say is that Danny is one of the best Tribute artistes I have ever seen in the business. His ability to work with the audience is 100% professional in every way.
                            Elyse Del Francia Goodwin
                              KopyKatz, Palm Springs
One of the best Elvis Tributes I have seen, he got the crowd on their feet with his performance. One thing that stood out more than anything for me is when Danny sang songs like How Great Thou Art and He Touched Me, he captured Elvis' spirtitual side with a passion that really moved me.
                                    Maddy Wilson
                                 Elvis Gospel UK